Cynical Epiphany #1

I don't like being cynical. I'd rather not focus on the depravity of humans. But sometimes I consider an idea and ask, "What prevents this from occurring?" and can't come up with a good answer.

Thus, the purpose of the collecting all of our communications at the NSA's Utah Datacenter is not to be able to sift through data to identify potentially dangerous individuals. It is the much simpler computational task to start with an individual of interest and then to look through their communications to find some leverage to gain their cooperation. Example: need a to make sure an accused person is convicted? Search through his lawyer's past and the past of her family and colleagues until you have what you need to make sure she isn't quite doing her best during his trial.

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simpler yet

Actually, Mark, I think the purpose of gathering all that information together is to allow those who run the state to exploit that information for their benefit.

It might mean finding out that there is a new innovation in cars, and to give that data to Government Motors or Chrysler. It might mean finding out that this innovation can be stopped by killing a few men or women. It might mean anything.

Yes, sure, it might mean finding something that someone like me cares about. Since my Divestment from Death blog began, divestfromdeath dot wordpress dot com, I've gotten death threats. My dog died, rather suddenly. Maybe my parents will be killed by these putrescent scum.

The problem with looking for leverage to get someone not to do something is: many of us don't give a damned.

When I was young, I was told that people were going to live on the Moon. My ambition was to go do that, and build hotels there, and have fun. I can't do what I really want. The USA government prevents it. Has prevented my efforts, and Walt Anderson's efforts, and the efforts of others.

So I could care less if they kill me, or rape my parents, or waterboard me. The military industrial complex is slaughtering children in Afghanistan and Iraq for profit. It will go on doing so as long as it is profitable.