The silver lining of yellow journalism

While I imagine most Americans, like most people all over the world, are interested in political sex scandals purely out of tabloid-level interest, that shouldn't make us dismiss them as real phenomena deserving of our attention, and perhaps commentary. I frankly would be happier not knowing about the particular kinds of sex acts sleazy, hypocritical politicians are into, but it's a great way to remind people that legislators are only human. They're just people like us. They are not wiser, more responsible, more focused, or more moral than we are. (In most of these dimensions, I think they're a good deal less than average.) This is an ordinary guy who likes to brag about cheating on his wife. He's not going to solve our problems.

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Agreed. I've often thought

Agreed. I've often thought that much of the righteous moralizing about people's interest in political sleaze and scandal is motivated by the fact that it drags politicians down to earth, and thus tends to discourage a mystical or romantic view of the state.

stupider than 80% of the men who cheat on their wives

Dumbo will be lucky if he has 3 sets of underwear when she gets done divorcing him.

Maybe they just have such an

Maybe they just have such an overwhelming sense of compassion for the public that they cannot spare a thimble's worth of it for their wives...