CO2 and Climate Change

CO2 and Climate Change : Proof that intelligence is an evolutionary dead end.

Puzzle : From whom or what country does the following blog quote come?

The advocates of carbon regulation suffer from the same megalomaniac feelings as every dictator who has ever wanted to rule the world. These little green men think that they have the right to steal two trillion dollars a year - a bigger number than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin could ever imagine - to realize their crazy plans and please their little green gods. Most of them are parasites who haven't contributed 100,000 dollars worth of products to [ed] mankind, but they have no moral problems with stealing trillions more.

Regards, Don

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The most climate skeptic

The most climate skeptic country would be Czech Republic because of their president Vaclav Claus, so that will me my guess. That's certainly not him writing though.

Good guess. Googling on

Good guess. Googling on "little green men think" finds the post. The blogger's name is LuboŇ° Motl.