Cap and Trade

The destruction continues. I'm too bleak to write anything, so instead I'll listen to this a few times. No, it has nothing to do with it, it's just something to listen to.

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Meh. Sounds like too sweet a

Meh. Sounds like too sweet a candy eaten in the morning, with a dry and pasty mouth.

Try this.


A classic, sung so softly it could be a lullaby. My pick was from an album that came out 5 days ago, not really any chance for the great filter of time to separate the lasting from the ephemeral. This next is a year old, still not very much time. Fits the criteria of slow tempo, gentle performance, sweet melody, female vocalist.

Here's the Lily Allen song that best fits those criteria.

Jumping way back to a group famous and infamous for its sweet sound, here's one of ABBA's best fits and my favorite song by them.

This sort of fits (the guitarist is female). Surely this is one of the sweetest-sounding compositions of the 20th century.

Now giving myself over to the flow of consciousness, something by Agustin Barrios. This is, at any rate, one of the more relaxed performances of the piece that I was able to find.

OK, back to the theme. Here's I Will Wait For You sung by Connie Francis. I would actually prefer to eliminate loud instrumental flourish at the beginning and the loud finish to the song.

Here's the same music, from the Umbrellas of Cherbourg. The key melody appears at 1:40. The occasional counterpoint is lovely.

By the way, the lyrics of these songs are mostly, or all, sad. I wasn't deliberately looking for sad lyrics, but they seem to go along with the music.

Fits the criteria of slow

Fits the criteria of slow tempo, gentle performance, sweet melody, female vocalist.

Constandora !

I'm still breathing - meh despite Katty's sexiness.
Littlest Things - need some more listening.
Chiquitita - a good classic
Danza Paraguaya - very very nice, my (south american) girlfriend loves acoustic guitar, she'll love this one.
Les parapluie de Cherbourg - lovely of course.

Since les parapluie de Cherbourg deal with conscription for Algeria, I have to mention the very libertarian, Le Deserteur

Note that the song originally went "Prevenez vos gendarmes que j'emporte mes armes et que je sais tirer" - "Warn your policemen that I'll be taking my guns and that I know how to shoot"... In order to avoid censorship, it was changed to "Warn your policemen that I won't be bearing any weapons and that they can shoot", thereby changing a individualist anarchist song into a meek pacifist one. It's still taught in schools as a pacifist song. Gahhh.

Back to the theme, if you want breathy female vocalist there's of course the first lady

beat that Michelle !

OST from a recent French movie.

For a more upbeat tune, there's an original song sung by Rosi Golan for State Stree Global Advisors. I eagerly await its release.

Hmm... I like something with

Hmm... I like something with an undercurrent of resolve.

I still see the State failing before we have to live with cap-and-trade very long. I'm hopeful that we can get through this transition without bloodshed or much more destruction.

I really enjoyed the Rodrigo. My father is a big fan of classical guitar and I heard this song often growing up. It brought back lots of pleasant memories.

This is a great song.

This is a great song.


Here's another sweet, sweet, lovely song filled with beautiful sentiment that fits the criteria, sung by Ellen McLain. Anyone know if there's a version with McLain's voice but without the processing?