Ausiello is reporting that both Dollhouse and Chuck are back for 13 episodes next season.


Dollhouse's first season ended with a whimper, which is a shame since it had been growing stronger every week. "Man on the Street" and "Briar Rose" were examples of its potential, but the Alpha plot resolution ruined the ending. I was anticipating Alpha to have some moral worth, perhaps as a crusader fighting for what he believes to be a just cause against an unjust institution. Nope. He's just a psycho. And the reason for his obsession with Echo? She looks good. That's it. Frankly, Amy Acker is more pleasing to these eyes than Eliza Dushku. Maybe ten years ago when she first appeared on Buffy, she had the presence to carry the part of Echo, but no longer. There were plenty of times I felt like the director was trying to show off her curves, but there was little bootay to be seen. What exactly was she shakin'? She's no Yvonne Strahovski.

Speaking of Dushku, I really wish the Whedonites would stop recycling actors from other series. Why did Alpha have to be Wash? Alan Tudyk is not someone I'd recruit to be a "doll". I knew Tim Minear's Drive was on thin ice when I found out Nathan Fillion was the lead. In my ideal TV world, every series would have fresh actors.

The best actor on Dollhouse was Enver Gjokaj, who convincingly spoke with Russian and Southern accents, imitated Lawrence Dominic's subtle mannerisms, and conveyed the innocence of a blank slate doll.

It's too bad Chuck isn't getting a full season. The new intersect has a lot of potential. I generally don't like network television, but Chuck is a show I don't have to think much about and can simply sit back and enjoy. Blame Jay Leno--he's going to suck up five hours of NBC primetime programming weekly next season.

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"Man on the Street" was

"Man on the Street" was okay, but I'd put "Briar Rose" and "Haunted" as the best episodes of the year. Funny thing: if you give Eliza Dushku a role other than Faith or "vapid," and she actually does a good job. Dichen Lachman, surprisingly, does that Faith swagger much better than Eliza Dushku. As you say, Enver Gjokaj was the best. He was great in every role, even as a vapid doll.