It is of nights like these that legends are built. Manny Pacquaio was a war god in the ring - inhuman, immortal. His fists were lightning, crossing the chasm to his opponent instantaneously. When the counter-punches came, he was mist.

Thus Manny destroys one of the best boxers in the world with an effortless six minutes of work. Such speed. Such polish. There is not a finer fighter living. My children's children will know his name.

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Do you fancy MMA at all? It seems boxing is dying, and will soon be dead. Pity.

I train in Muay Thai and Jiu

I train in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu. MMA is one of my deepest passions.

MMA > A11

Good to hear. Let's just say I've dabbled myself.

I'm salivating over UFC 100 ;)

The only "sport" with an objective of causing brain damage

At least boxers are honest about it. "Sport" is a war substitute. Baseball is psychological war. The rest . . . the most dangerous are paid the best. If it was skill then ping pong would be a major sport.