What is the premium for inflation-protected first class stamps?


Both current first class stamps and Forever stamps (Liberty Bell) cost 42 cents today, but only the latter will suffice to mail a first class letter (or whatever) when the rate increases to 44 cents in May.

Regards, Don

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Yes but

Who sends letters ? Seriously.


I find myself using a postage stamp occasionally, either as part of a tradition (sending Christmas cards) or when communicating with a government. Gradually even governments are learning to communicate electronically - my last two sets of tax returns have been fully on-line.

Er, time-value of money?

Assuming 5% interest, pre-buying costs 2.1c per year. So, off-hand, one ought pre-buy somewhat under a years' stamps. If one's alternative is investing the money (r=10%), pre-buy a 6 months supply. If one thinks the market is due to rebound, one ought borrow from friends to buy stamps one at a time (yah, yah, neglecting transaction costs...).