In Love with the Welfare -corrected

In Denmark where I'm staying at the moment people are really excited about Obama's victory. And these are not random people but rather highly educated Danes I find pleasant to meet and talk to, some of them are my good friends! Strikingly, it is hard to picture anyone in this country thinking or knowing clearly what's going on in real politics, they are completely unaware. It seems like they are living some dream, led solely by television (here media are extensively controlled by the state), mentally switched off, like hypnotised and not perceiving the reality.

Otherwise, the whole society is really well programmed, including those living purely on allowance, they know very well how to do nothing and get the stolen, pardon, redistributed wealth. The society have a great deal of order and harmony and everything seems to be functioning pretty well, although nearly every aspect of life is somehow regulated by the government. And when you think about it it is really awful, a golden cage model, but when you don't think about it you can be really happy! And that's the whole point!

The state-based media, surely knowing what to broadcast to ensure the happy substituted reality, help to maintain the common certainty of a brilliant social system taking care of them and keeping them secure. When they speak about it, they all believe, naturally, that they're articulating their own thoughts and are deeply confident about that.

Their life standard is relatively good (that is why the Master's of the society are praised by people who do not even care about the massive robbery exercised on them day by day) AND THAT'S THEIR CURSE! from the freedom expansion viewpoint. There would not be really anything spectacular about it, most democratic countries are simillar, now even the United States become communist, but what is striking here is that the common social acceptance for this system is very high. This could be a good exaple of a power of media and control. This is a new version of socialism, socialism with a human face, upgraded form which will not rely on terror anymore, but on the common acceptance! That's the point. You will have your CHANGE in the States soon too. Mr. Change started very well, happy cash printing is not a huge but some change indeed. Venezuelization is on its way. The Founding Fathers are turning in their graves.

The common relative well-being, lack of pressures (although now the crisis is intensifying, it is probably not this one yet to have an outbreak of people's anger, they are too well trained for that, democratic republic invested so much over so many decades) keeps them and other similar societies away from capitalistic mentality. The key is adaptation to risk which has to be taken to get anywhere, to set the Future as the major aim, having descendants in view. But having children is not very popular in democratic Europe nowadays (excluding immigrants of which Muslims dominate, and this may bring about a civilizational switch, which steadfast Oriana Fallaci emphasized). European nations are shrinking! dying! This is the plan of the greatest enemies of our civilisation being brought to life. It is easiest to guide our world (Western World) to self-destruction, invert its strongest values and humiliate its foundation - Christianity. This is why this consumption-driven, human action-deficient system is so harmful! So demoralising! Such humans seem to be addicted to their peace of mind, substituted reality, not human-like from psychological perspective but more cattle-like, thought-voluntarily-less. So down-hearted and brainwashed by media that they prefer paying so lot for their safety and security (which is just an illusion) to taking their lives in their hands. This is a plague of nearly all modern societies manipulated to the very core of human consciousness. Still trusting the banks and government, even after Iceland experience or credit crunch in the US or UK, which strikingly showed that people who are in control of our money are not responsible at all! Democratic societies are rusting very fast. It is not even a hundred years of democracy in Europe!

All in all Danes are well, maybe very well if measured by their frame of mind and there's absolutely no stimulation to start questioning things. There's only this kind of mental laziness and fear of what could the liberal changes do with this well organised society, supposedly based on the notion that better is the enemy of good, as stated by Francois-Marie Arouet known under the nickname Voltaire. This socialism is still strongly supported by the society because the symptoms of bankruptcy are not yet noticeable, and may still remain unseen for a long time. Therefore it is hard to explain to a person being a part of this machine that it is doomed to failure even though it miraculously still holds up. Or maybe does so rather due to the decent capital accumulated by many generations of strict protestants saving every penny (and the fact that it is so small population of about 5 million, largely honest and corruption free). The losses and squandering this system creates is smashing, however, they can't feel it because there's still this desensitizing (and in a way demoralising!) excess of wealth. Such societies need a serious crisis to wake up from the dream. Such a deep hypnosis requires a proportional shock to open the eyes again and turn the attitude from glorification of social security to appreciation of freedom and voluntary society. This is probably true for all Scandinavian and other countries where taxes are astronomical but the leftovers still sufficient to keep people's mouths shut. It takes time to consume a lot of wealth, but it cannot take forever.

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The Purpose of the Nanny State is to Protect One from Life

Your post reminds me of a conversation I once had with a Dutchman. He was telling me how wonderfully benevolent his government was: a man at work was widowed in his fifties, and was so bereaved that he never had to return to his job; he was able to take early retirement and live out his years on a government pension.

Now, far be it from me to think little of loosing one's mate for life. I have heard, and I can well imagine in my own case, that this is one of the most stressful events someone can go through. But half of the individuals in life-long intimate relationships (save a handful of couples that die simultaneously) will know this loss. Learning to deal with devastating loss is one of the things that makes us alive, as much as experiencing the joys of birth, discovery, and creation.

I realized at that point that the wonderful Dutch government was standing between people and their lives. It was making sure that they never felt too much during their time on this Earth, and could spend their days in a dulled stupor, protected from sensations that might be too keen.

If you are robbed of your feelings of life, what else will you ever have?

It is a problem of scale

American Indian tribes are quite socialistic and happy about it. A tribe is one step larger than a family, which is generally almost purely communistic. Pre EEC Denmark and Holland were a small step larger than a tribe. It will be a new ball game for them now that they can't secure their borders.