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The Wikipedia caption for this photo from a Library of Congress collection reads: "A line for the distribution of cooking oil in Bucharest, Romania in May 1986". That line for cooking oil!

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Find an old timer and ask what it was like in the 1930's.

The difference is that the

The difference is that the 1930s saw a massive aberration from the normal economic level of the U.S., and command economy nations were consistently in that state.


...and it was the early 20th century - the further back you go, the poorer people are and the closer they are to extreme poverty. And also, in the main the economic problems of the 1930s were caused by heavy state intervention. Government tried to intervene to alleviate a recession (which it had arguably caused) and instead turned it into a great depression.

But setting all that aside, what we see here is a queue. Queues are not a sign of extreme poverty. They are a sign of certain kinds of state intervention in the economy. If you want to see another queue, here's one, found on this page. That's from 1979. All these people are obviously well-off enough to own cars. What we're seeing in the 1979 photo is not the result of poverty, or of the free market. It's the result of a price control.

In the 1930s the US

In the 1930s the US government paid farmers to destroy food.

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