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I kept watching through the first five episodes of Dollhouse because of what I read somewhere else (can't remember where) is called the "Whedonite Dilemma". It was a pretty bad show, but because some time in the past, he made great things, I felt obligated to tune in.*

"Man on the Street", the sixth episode, was much more of what I had expected from the start. I won't say it was magical or anything like that, but it was damn good. The long plot arc moved forward considerably. It also showed what a wretched place the Dollhouse is while at the same time portraying one of its clients in a sympathetic light. I like it when I like characters I'm not supposed to like. Damn good.

*It's the same reason that after Deadwood I watched every episode of John from Cincinnati until HBO found the good sense to put it out its misery.

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I'm pretty sure that's

I'm pretty sure that's because Whedon actually took over writing the show with episode 6. I'm not sure why he would want to start a new series without writing the first 5 eps himself, but that's the word on the street.

I don't get...

The Whedon stuff. I've never liked anything he's done.

Ditto on John from Cincinatti, I watched that based on the creators' affiliation with Deadwood, and wish I hadn't.

I used to not get it too

I used to make fun of people who watched Buffy. What changed? Firefly blew me away like no television series had. I had no idea a TV show could do what do what it did.

So I finally gave Buffy a chance and seasons 2 and 3 similarly blew me away. Then onto Angel... One of the first posts on this blog praised Buffy and got me intrigued.

Do you like television? Some of my friends only watch movies and think film is awesome and don't get television. But I think television far surpasses movies as an art form. It's the difference between short stories and novels. There's only so much you can do with a short story.

If not Whedon, then who? I can't think of too many people coming close to his track record. I've watched a lot of television of the years and don't think anyone approaches his brilliance.

I Dig...

A lot of the HBO and FX stuff. The Wire, the Shield, Damages, Deadwood, Generation Kill, Band of Brothers, Rome, It's Always Sunny, Rescue Me, and MST3K was the best thing ever (I've got DVDs of VHS rips for every episode), though that's not really drama.


I think Whedon's stuff is far superior to the FX stuff like Damages, Shield, and Rescue Me. The HBO/Showtime stuff is top notch, as is the AMC stuff, though even with them, I can't think of one dude who had 3 home runs.

Have you tried watching Firefly? Or Buffy, from the beginning?

Buffy Themes?

Firefly/Serenity is one of the most popular stories at our house. The thing that really hit home was the theme of rugged independence versus dealing with a hyper-invasive nanny state. Westerns about a band of outlaws whose sense of honor is at odds with the mainstream are great for exploring this.

We only watched the pilot to Buffy and the musical curse episode. The latter was clever, but didn't get me involved in the show. I always had the impression that Buffy themes were about personal empowerment, fitting in, and teenagers figuring out who they are. After all, "I am secretly a monster" stories are good for posing these questions.

Am I missing something? Do the same themes that made me such a fan of Firefly appear anywhere in the Buffy series or its spinoffs?

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