The culture of dehumanization

The fantastic Roderick Long points to some disturbing quasi-official Israeli Army t-shirts with horrifying slogans, such as a design of a pregnant Arab woman in crosshairs with the words "One Shot, Two Kills" underneath, image here.

The article he refers to mentions that there must be similar shirts among American soldiers. That's certainly true, and I wish I had written about it earlier. I remember seeing these as a child and they were vaguely weird but I never realized how awful they are until I was an adult. For instance, this was the first Google Image search result. People who'd like to object that "Kill 'em All and Let God Sort 'em Out" is a longstanding Army slogan are only underscoring the problem.

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A pregnant terrorist

In the picture, the pregnant woman is holding a machine gun in one hand and, while it's a low res picture, the other hand appears to be holding something to detonate a bomb.

The description fails to mention these details.

In context, one presumes that this is a Palestinian woman who intends to turn her child into a terrorist. There are such women. Moreover, a large fraction of the Palestinian population supports Palestinian terrorism against Israelis.

I'm not arguing that the Israelis are any different. (I think the Israeli population is very different, but I'm not arguing that. For the sake of argument assume they're the same.) Whether or not Israelis are the same, the point remains that Palestinians in large numbers support the killing of Israelis, and moreover the mothers of suicide bombers are prominent - in the media, in the imagination of the Palestinians (where they are thought of highly by a large fraction), in the politics of the Palestinians (see one of the links I give), and consequently, one can only presume, in the imagination of the Israelis.

Given this context, then it seems likely that that t-shirt is intended to depict one of these Palestinian suicide bomber mothers, or someone very similar, and it is very likely a reaction to the prominence of these mothers. It is not the depiction of a random pregnant Palestinian woman. Almost anyone upon learning about these notorious mothers who bring up their children to be suicide bombers will recoil in disgust and may very likely have thoughts about such women and their offspring very similar to the thought expressed in that t-shirt.

I have no objection to the depiction of the killing of a person who wants you dead.

Pro-lifers may make a case from the innocence of the unborn child, but pro-choicers who argue that the unborn child does not yet have rights and is a thing that the mother may freely kill, cannot consistently argue from the rights of the unborn, since the unborn has no rights in their view. The unborn is, if anything, the property of the mother, and indeed when the mother is the type being depicted is a weapon of the mother, a ticking time bomb. It is morally righteous to destroy the weapons of would-be murderers.

Not the Same

"I'm not arguing that the Israelis are any different."
No need to argue. They are.

I've seen a documentary where a Palestinian and an Israeli family were filmed.

The Palestinian mother was proud that she was raising her children to be martyrs and killers. She said that she planned to get pregnant again so that the might also die to kill the Jews.

The Israeli mother showed concern for the Palestinians. She was teaching her children that they were humans just like Jews but there was a misunderstanding.

The children were interviewed in both cases. The Jewish children spoke of one day being able to play with the Palestinian children. The Palestinian children spoke of one day killing all the Jews.

Is this representative. Who knows, but the behavior I see in the news indicates that it is common enough to be a problem.

palestinian women "martyrs"

I'd be just as bad if it were a male as a female. The female has what looks like a bomb in one hand and a machine gun in the other.

At first glance it seems appalling, that a shirt would focus on killing a pregnant Palestinian woman ... however, take into consideration that the culture of the Palestinians highly encourages women to engage in terrorism, and they do. "Wafa Idriss was a nurse with the Red Crescent, the Palestinian version of the Red Cross. On January 27, 2002, the 28 year-old nurse walked into a shopping district on Jerusalem's Jaffa Road and detonated a bomb killing herself, an Israeli and injuring 150 others."

They Dehumanize Themselves When They Strap the Bomb On

Why shouldn't pregnant women carrying hand activated explosive packs be shot if they chose to do so? It's clear they are responsible for their choice. If they value themselves and their offspring a zero then who are we to argue. Especially if they are about to harm innocents.