Another victim of the police exonerated

Radley Balko links to yet another video of cops beating someone up. Again, in this case, the assault happened but it was the victim who was charged, complete with bogus police report details. Then the video surfaced and exonerated him.

I'm sure people do occasionally attack police officers. Occasionally. It's certainly less common for one person to attack three police officers. Who really thinks they can win? What there seems to be no shortage of is groups of police officers who are vicious and dishonest enough to attack innocent people and lie about it later, consequence free. (Not only that, but there are plenty of collaborationists who not only excuse this kind of behavior, but criticize us for getting upset about it. With friends like those...)

Next time I hear about someone assaulting an officer, I'll just have to assume the real criminal is getting away with it unless there's a video.

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