Challenge -- Describe the result if Foodcare Insurance were the standard

Insurance is never appropriate for universal, routine needs. If insurance premiums are to be low enough to be seen as both useful and affordable, then there must be a fundamental uncertainty so that services insured against are underpriced for actual consumers and over-priced for those who don't end up needing the services. This is necessary for the services to be actually paid for and provided. Third party payment doesn't really work.

Regards, Don

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People are stupid

You are jabbing at medical "insurance?" Americans no longer understand the difference between insurance and a pre-paid service. Apparently neither the press nor the government wants them to know the difference.

I would have called it

I would have called it Edicare.

toilet paper

This often gets me mad. I remember having arguments with a girl who thought her birth control pills ought to be "covered" by her insurance. She couldn't understand why insurance shouldn't cover her normally functioning body. I tried explaining to her that insurance shouldn't cover toilet paper purchases either, because they are something everybody with a normal, functioning body needs. She still didn't get it.


I love to confuse people by

I love to confuse people by saying an uninsured person with a terrible condition cannot get insurance because he doesn't risk anything.