What the hell happened to the Blogroll order?

Did I hit a wrong key or was the loss of alphabetical ordering deliberate? Please change it back.

Thanks, Don

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Somebody actually uses that?

The least useful part of the page is surely the blogroll.


Ninety percent of the my visits to the site, maybe 10 times a day, are to use the blogroll since usually no content has changed. Because the color scheme hides the blogroll entries as soon as they are hit once with IE6, I have to use Opera to access.

Regards, Don

This seems to have fixed

This seems to have fixed itself and was only a problem under Opera. For some reason both Opera and IE6 accesses to the blogrolls are now redirected thru something called blogrolling, screwing up performance and adding advertizements. I wish them all a long and painful death.

Regards, Don