What are the consequences of consecutive moderate-IQ presidents?

It is shocking to see how much the country lost when it transitioned to the post-Clinton era. For reference, I would place Clinton at an IQ of 135-140, Bush at 115-120,and Obama at 120-130, for what that's worth. A president needs to be smart enough (and not too smart) to know that he doesn't have all the answers and to distinguish among all the BS provided by his advisors. A president needs to be an intelligent moderating force, not a creative genius.

Looking back, Clinton seems to have done relatively little damage, likely because his goals were primarily personal, and not in establishing some over-arching legacy. In contrast, Bush would have liked nothing better than to have established a theocratic dictatorship, and Obama seems to want to install a comic-book socialism.

Regards, Don

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Clinton would have us here too

I disagree. Clinton oversaw the internet bubble. He left Alan Greenspan in place as the bubble was pumped up despite it being an obvious bubble. That bubble topped out by the end of the Clinton administration.

Bush is not credibly worse for reflating the bubble and causing it to spread, because Clinton would have done likewise. I see no reason to believe Clinton would have fired Greenspan had he remained in office.

Obama is doing very bad things to the economy right now but I seen no reason to believe that Clinton would do different. Heck I could see both Bush and McCain attempting to spend our way out of the recession. The only candidate I have any confidence wouldn't take this route is Ron Paul. What's his IQ?

In short what Clinton did was the wrong thing, and had he been in office for another 12 years we'd be in the same position we are in now. Perhaps without the war although if you look at his old speeches he was quite adamant about Saddam having WMD. Clinton was beating the war drums but I'm not sure he would have pulled the trigger.

What they believe is far more important than absolute IQ. A socialist, or a communist with a high IQ is going to run the country down regardless.



The only way to blame Clinton for any bubble is to say that some other realistically possible president would have refused to appoint any Fed Chairman at all. All of the other possible candidates would have done the same thing at the Fed.

"...is Ron Paul. What's his IQ?" -- 130 -140 ?

A sufficient IQ may be needed to question your beliefs.

Regards, Don

Saying what would have happened

The only way to blame Clinton

Whether or not you interpret it as "blaming Clinton", Brian is making a statement about what would have happened had Clinton stayed on. You haven't contradicted his speculation, and his speculation directly contradicts your notion that the transition to the post-Clinton era was the cause of the loss you mention. Furthermore, your assertion that "all of the other possible candidates would have done the same thing at the Fed" works to undercut your own suggestion that qualities (such as IQ) of the President matter.

I agree with Brian and Arthur that beliefs are more important than IQ, and in response to your suggestion connecting beliefs with IQ ("A sufficient IQ may be needed to question your beliefs") I've seen plenty of people use their high cleverness to rationalize and further entrench themselves in their own beliefs and shield themselves from the lessons of reality. Recall the familiar notion that connects genius to madness - I think there is much truth to that.

Realistically Possible Presidents

Well the only realistically possible president in Zimbabwe is Mugabe. It's been that way for a long time. So does that mean he's not to blame for the economic situation there?

Clinton screwed up.

Just because the Republicans give us excrement and the Democrats guano doesn't mean it isn't all feces.

So the logical implication of that statement is.....?

A sufficient IQ may be needed to question your beliefs.

If this is fact, then I'd say many US Presidents had insufficient IQ's then. Certainly the present one does.

IQ is the power of the

IQ is the power of the engine, it doesn't tell you anything about steering control, road holding or even direction. I think one can be both very intelligent and very evil. Hillary Clinton springs to mind.


OK, that's not quite how I characterized your position, as that beliefs matter more than IQ, but even so, I would argue that, within a certain comfortable range of speed, where you are going is typically more important than how fast you are getting there.

Actually, I'd say that the

Actually, I'd say that the main reason Clinton didn't do much damage is that he was paired with a heavily Republican house for six years of his administration.

Bush - 115 to 120 IQ?

Maybe before he burned his brain cells with booze.

Iq is measurement of

Iq is measurement of deviating intelligences. Its allso has to be abridged to be scientifically proven. Society favours underdogs, which is a good thing. Iq normally is not a measurement of emotional tension. Your look and the way you carry yourself isnt encompassed in an Iq, thus not if you are a presidental candidate. Your cleverness isnt measurable in the normal concious level of thinking. A leader can believe in a accepted lie, and thats the flaw of a normal to slightly deviating intelligence. Hitles iq was 140, approximately the same as Madonna, but significantly lower than Einstein, Bill Gates, Jean Claude Van Damme, Picasso and Quentin Tarrantino iqs which are all about 160 (kind of like me too.. Im 24 with no real education, but i think i i can contribute to The philosophy og Logics and eventually create some kind of school, which would suit me more than being president, im sort of a geek i guess, done to little cocaine maybe:-)) Whats cool about Madonna and Hitler is their exploitation of current society. Einstein was a humourous, but wierd guy. He had to much of the universe inside his head, and didnt think of himself as a product of his time or his neighbourhood. The fact that even a uncommonly smart president can ruin just about everything is unsettling. Dont believe in somebody to smart, their personal believes doesent suit you. Be yourself, "get an iq" of 110-120 and start pondering your campaign as soon as possible, and be cinister about it cause feelings are unconciously mobilising and neccesary for a leading social role, but pleace would you be considerate and at the same time kind. This can make you president. Skip class and party people.. If logics is your favourite game, well you probably wont be president. Not even in my country.