Duck Tales Inflation Lesson

My friend Kenny L. showed me this video, and I have to share it with you because I love Duck Tales and I hate inflation:

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There's a slight problem

There's a slight problem with the analogy here. The duplicating money is shown to be coins, which could have actual, non-fiat value in a free market. Physically duplicating that kind of money would not be a bad thing. It would just eventually necessitate the use of a different commodity as money.

Right, and switching from

Right, and switching from denominating in one commodity to another wouldn't cause any problems at all, right?

@RWW That's true, but in

@RWW That's true, but in real life there is no such duplicator and since commodities like gold are relatively rare, we would be fine. I do see your point though. As for paper money, they can just keep making it and that is why the analogy is still good- it would have been better if they used paper money in the video too, but it still works.

Great video and great memories of me watching this show as a child :)