A Reasonable Question

Jeff Fecke takes exception to a poll by US News regarding whether people would rather send their children to a day care center run by Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi. Given that transforming the entire nation into a day care center is essentially the raison d'etre of the Democratic Party, I think it's a reasonable question to ask, though to keep Fecke happy I'd swap Palin out for a male Democrat.

The results are interesting: Currently around 94% of the vote is going to Sarah Palin or Michelle Obama, with only 6% going to Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi.

More seriously, it's interesting that Fecke chooses to label this as "misogyny." His interpretation is that the authors of the poll believe that women are only good for taking care of children, but an equally valid interpretation is that only women are good for taking care of children. In fact, I would argue that the latter is a far more prevalent attitude in society at large. People in general are much more accepting of female politicians than they are of male child care workers.

So the only way Fecke can legitimately call this "misogyny" is to start from the assumption that child care just isn't as valuable as politics. And it is precisely this attitude that feminists accusingly attribute to the rest of us: that we systematically undervalue work traditionally thought of as "women's work." Yet here Fecke is implicitly endorsing this attitude himself. Let me be the first to say that I have far more respect for child care workers who earn an honest living in the private sector than I have for politicians like Clinton, Pelosi, Palin, and their male colleagues.

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Interesting to know how the

Interesting to know how the vote was spilt between Obama and Palin. The right wing "Moral Majority" wants their children raised by Palin, who couldn't teach her daughter to keep her pants on? Or the left wing immoral minority wants their children debauched by Palin?