Domitius Ulpian, Bjarne Stroustrup and the Twilight of Civilization

A long time ago, when the middle ages evolved into Renaissance in Europe, the civilization started its expansion. An enormous potential accumulated over those ages of growth gave the Civilization of the White Man the power to conquer the World. Its strength, built on a Christian core supported by the ancient wisdom of Aristotle (incorporated into our philosophical system by St. Thomas Aquinas), led to creation of what we call nowadays the Western World. This is the history... now, little to say, we are living in very interesting times. The inversion of fundamental values of our civilization is taking place without even being noticed. This civilization which developed over nineteen centuries, roots of which are embedded in ancient Greece and Rome, the civilization which allowed humanity to develop so greatly is being abused, ridiculed and destroyed.

To envision what exactly is happening and why, we need to define what the 'civilization' is. In brief, a civilization can be understood as a set of values and rules derived from them which form a certain order (law) regulating human relations. Why do I claim that the values of our civilization are depreciated and violated?

Lets start from the primary problem: fundamental, old Roman rule formulated by Domitius Ulpian: Volenti non fit iniuria, which can be translated as: One who consents cannot complain. What can be concluded from this is very simple: even if a particular action is potentially beneficial for an individual, nobody has a right to enforce it, no matter how good it may possibly be. Every human being has an inviolable (sacred!) right to decide about their life, even to finish it, from the legal standpoint (in Christian and other major religions the life is God's gift and only God can take it back). Is it not a total absurd to violently protect people from suicide? Another one is obligatory insurance. Why do I have to be insured? Why do I have to have my seat belt fastened!? I can only harm myself if anything, but They would fine me for this! Punish me for doing with my life what I want! One is not a master of one's own life any more! A complete nonsense. It is unbelievably wrong, but commonly accepted! And the politicians calling themselves 'liberals' support this coercion sans intention comique.

All such nonsense is stemming from one temptation to which ruling class always falls prey: easy money-making hanky panky on naive society. Legalised robbery on massive scale. How come? Order every man to be insured and you will charge them for that. Create the public health service, tax everyone, and then ideas such as 'compulsory seat belt' will breed like hamsters. Why, it may reduce the number and cost of public health service intervention. Soon we may face having a policeman coming each night to check if we brushed our teeth, or even better, if our children did. In case they didn't they could be taken away from their parents by social care... (dental services are not cheap!). Why should you complain? it's for your own good, is it not?! Not to mention the ridiculous governmental ban on selected drugs (while others are legal, to make it funnier). Soon we may witness the ban on fatty foods under a threat of a serious fine! They are believed to be unhealthy after all so apparently this would be another brilliant regulation for the good of the people! Why not prohibiting sugar, heart diseases are probably the most common cause of dead.. oh, perhaps the governmental calculation in this case indicates that sugar is actually advantageous as its obese victims usually don't reach the retirement age? Great! Why not impelling them to pay superannuation and never give it back! It is amazing how our actual system is perfectly designed to indolently swindle money out of the stupid member of democratic society, who would applaud like a miserable clown. Sad lough.

"In history, some of the worst disasters have been caused by idealists trying to force people into ‘doing what is good for them’. Such idealism not only heads to suffering among its innocent victims, but also to delusion and corruption of the idealists applying the force"
Bjarne Stroustrup, the designer and implementer of C++ programming language

"Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."
C. S. Lewis

-How do you make money fighting the narco-business?
-You tax the society...
-Why not? They obeyed before - they'll obey now (how could they possibly not, if they have chosen us to decide for them, wouldn't they make fools of themselves? Of course they would). Just need to convince them that this is for their own good and well being! As easy as this! Maybe you don't even have to convince them of anything anymore... they believe (we told them) they were Democratic Society, after all...
You run an endless war with mafia, which gives you a guaranteed business forever. Moreover, you are payed by mafia to keep the ban, otherwise the mafia, by definition, would stop existing! Illegal drugs would become cheap like parsnips and the drug gangs-associated violence would end! Both you (the government) and mafia wouldn't like that, would they? This is how the big puppet theatre could die! But we have to keep it alive, of course! The show must go on! We must keep paying our actors or rather sacrificial dummies (most of them believe they are doing a real thing!) and Big Directors. Indeed, no government wants to solve a given problem, it is correct to say that they want to be solving that problem. Once they have it solved how would they justify further pillage on society? emm.. sorry, 'taxing'?

Democracy itself is indeed a symptom of the rotten civilization. But I don't want to make it a too far digression. Let's try to look again at the basic phenomena telling us of the downfall of Western Civilization.

In the core of our civilization there has always been a conviction, that every man is an architect of his own fortunes (by Appius Claudius Caecus). Now we are taught something completely opposite, the state relieves one from elementary responsibility, organises bail outs for frauds, heals drug addicts, redistributes wealth, excuses murderers and thieves...

What about courage? The courage to guard the Truth, Honesty, Property, Freedom, Independence... any Value? They teach us to obey thugs when we are burgled, not to defend, they say we are not supposed to fight for our honour, religion, beliefs (Muslims are not afraid to die for it, that's why Civilization of Islam may win and take over, it is quite clear looking at what happens in Western Europe). Our leaders promote depreciation of the basic values that constitute the cradle of our moral system. Who will protect us against the mob, burglars, kidnappers, terrorists, if we are taught to dialogue with them. We are supposed to negotiate with them, pay a ransom, make a scum the winner! Let them dominate! But never fight. Armies of modern democratic countries are so fucking miserable. Soldiers scared of fighting, humiliating themselves on every front. These all is because another core element of our civilisation is defiled, the belief in the values that are worth dying for, the belief in God, Honour, Liberty. We are taught, nowadays, that the highest value is human life. With this assumption in mind nobody will risk their life for anything, if someone decides to take Europe over tomorrow, nothing easier, who would defend us? Who would risk their lives if it is the biggest value one has? One cannot permit the domination of Evil, once it happens it is only a matter of time. And the death of a civilization is a matter of time, when there be no one to defend it. If you substitute all the values in a civilization to different ones (in our case: completely opposite ones) this must lead to destruction. This deviated world order is doomed to fall, in any rate, but surely, unless we sober up and do a big turning back to the roots of our magnificence. This is however very unlikely, the process of 'new education' exercised on modern societies is probably too advanced already, with all its consequences. There seem to be no powerful enough antidote for all the poison of destructive propaganda of so called 'progress' soaked in people's brains.

People don't like changes, they are afraid of changes, without a serious crisis it is very unlikely that anybody will open their eyes. The degradation will continue, as everything is in huge excess. All the goods are excessive which is why people stopped even caring about the massive stealing, government counterfeiting, fraud and money wasting which is a hallmark of democratic republics. People even buy scams like fighting global warming... The technological progress happened so fast that it still saturates all people's needs, but the thievery and squandering is going on such a humongous scale that sooner or later this has to end. The excess wealth and technological advances will not manage to keep up with it. First symptoms of salvation crisis will be the bankruptcy of a pension system. Gilt-edged securities released by modern states to cover their expenses increase every year in a self-propagating manner. When will this collapse? Who will prick the bubble? It will burst spontaneously. And there won't be any way to artificially fix it, as They did now with the 'banks'. The masses of people harmed by deceitful governments will wash the soap off their eyes and the old leaders will face the inevitable judgement. People live in this system without denying it only because it is still easy enough to live, despite all the outrage. We can use an analogy with a ship to describe it. I heard it from JKM. Imagine a ship sailing across a peaceful ocean, smoothly moving forward. We can have a democracy, even plutocracy on the board, in this situation it doesn't matter at all, as there aren't any problems! But imagine that suddenly in front of the ship a terrifying storm is seen and rocks emerged all around, democracy or whatever a ridiculous system there was would be over, there must be a captain! (It is the same with a company, you don't let cleaners decide, you leave it to experts!) Women would start hiding screaming: save us captain! But ever before people start noticing a danger, they will defend the status quo.

Finally, the sickness of our times revealed in recent 'credit crunch' situation in Europe, when the European Union authorities decided to organise financial support for local crooks (like America did). Such decisions are always easy for democratic politicians as they're giving away not their but other people's money. And even easier if you consider that they will always get their ~10% of any subsidies to be approved (after all, who said a crook cannot be grateful!?). So they decided to give their banks a lot... a lot more than US gave their crooks. But the head of Deutsche Bank, a Swiss gentleman, stated that he would not take that charity, as his bank was fine. He would feel humiliated as an entrepreneur to take tax payer's money! And what was the reaction of the political elites to such a man of honour? They criticised the hell out of him! Who on earth has ever seen someone being scolded for not taking the money? public money! Instead of praising the prosperous bank and its leader they started attacking him! This is a complete paradox for every normal person. But the explanation for this is again very simple. This man refused to join the stinky gang of thieves, the union of crooked corrupted sons of bitches. He honourably declined the subsidy, showing at the same time, that it is possible to run a bank without bankrupting. People could start doubting in fairness of this, how generous, help for banks! Politicians couldn't afford this. Their pockets were already wide open for all the appreciations! In Europe they only wait what Americans will do to do the same on a larger scale. And suddenly some fairly honest guy wants to mess it all up! No way they'll let it happen.

However, for our civilization it is not important that politicians steal, they always did throughout the ages. What is eminent now is that not only politicians but the whole society takes part in this massive festival of stealing! Politicians have always been using their power, special provisions and entitlements for personal interests. Those where unmasked with time and replaced by new ones. In our current system we arrived to the point that everybody steals as much as they can, there are no elites to replace the traitors and thieves with, whole societies are deeply penetrated by this gangrene. It starts to be impossible to live different, everybody is forced to adjust (like the Chief of Deutsche Bank was reminded to). People see that if one does not act dishonestly somebody else will, and they will end up being screwed from behind. Such deeply demoralising system makes people leech as much from the 'common wealth' as possible, there's one common sack, one common trough, into which most citizens add a bit, and the contest is about who withdraws more.

The total bankruptcy of this system is inevitable without coming back to order established throughout the centuries, based on inalienable rights and values, based on reason, natural law and individual freedom. This order is being actively broken down by people who have nothing better (if anything at all) to offer and by 'useful idiots' that follow their false prophets of the so called 'progress' which in fact is nothing else than a serious mental, philosophical and moral regress. What's in front of us?

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