Macroeconomic Bleg

I have a libertarian-minded friend who works on the street and would like to understand macroeconomic policy better. Does anyone have reading suggestions? I know of the classic primary sources (Keynes "General Theory", Friedman "Monetary History", Rothbard's "Great Depression", etc.), but I never got through any of them and they are a bit dense.

Your suggestions are much appreciated.

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Just tell him that no one really knows much about macroeconomics. If that doesn't satisfy him, give him this link.

It depends on what he is

It depends on what he is looking for. From the sounds of it he is not looking to read a bunch of highly rigorous stuff or he would have done it already.
I would suggest chapter 24 of The General Theory and then for some perspective: Failure of the New Economics by Hazlitt. Hazlitt's Economics in one Lesson is also good for a non-technical intro.