Style and Substance

Due to the limited creativity of journalists, the temporal proximity of two events, and the melanin content of certain epidermises, we are bound to be treated to comparisons between Martin Luther King and Barack Obama over the next few days.

But to compare the two is to elevate symbolism to the level of substance. King and his generation did the heavy lifting to eliminate racism codified into law and deal a fatal blow to racism in the American mind. They risked their lives and livelihoods for their beliefs, and often spent time in jail for opposing unjust laws.

How does Obama's election compare? If he had lost to Clinton or McCain, would America be more racist?

Perhaps he may do good things once in office to leave a respected name and legacy. But his election itself means little. On the eve of a "historic" inauguration which will see millions of people flood DC for a glimpse at Dear Leader, I am having a hard time getting excited.

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