Congratulations Kurt Warner

You just got yourself into the NFL Hall of Fame.

There'll be a made-for-TV movie about you one day.

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Personally, I think it is

Personally, I think it is great that he is back in the Super Bowl and also that the Edge got a chance as well.

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He's already passed into annoying territory for me. The gloves, coupled with a lack of fitted sleeves, and his short haired wife, for no intelligent reason, grate on me. Part of that is he's already gone through the out-of-no-where media blitz when he won the Super Bowl with St. Louis. Makes him a less interesting comeback player. Plus, a lot of what he's doing is centered around a fantastic trio of receivers. He's making his reads, throws a great deep ball, and gets rid of the ball very quickly. But a good portion of his success is Fitzgerald.

I'm indifferent about the Super Bowl. For Warner's sake, let's hope it's not one of ESPN's made for TV movies. Those are horrid.

It's the bitches neck. Not

It's the bitches neck. Not the short hair.

Do we have to refer to

Do we have to refer to females that we don't know as "bitches"?

Of course not. I'm not going

Of course not. I'm not going to take the bait you just gave me though, as easy target practice.

You're making the wrong assumption. I'm not referring to her as a "bitch" because I don't know her. Nor am I saying that because she is female.

I simply said it because I found Kyle's comments funny, and I had to cynically add to them.

Why all the negative

Why all the negative reactions toward Warner? The bottom line is that he still played well enough to lead the team this far, regardless of how well his supporting players have done. In the NFL, no team can win without a good quarterback, to win teams need to have a quarterback that at the very least doesn't make mistakes.

I don't REALLY have anything

I don't REALLY have anything bad to say about Warner. He's a great player. Props to him.


He's a very good quarterback who has had a great year and is on top of his game at the moment. But Fitzgerald is the star of that offense, and it isn't even close.

Yes, but Fitzgerald needs

Yes, but Fitzgerald needs Warner. Imagine if it was someone like Ryan Leaf, he would have no where near those numbers.

Made for TV

One huge reason a TV movie will be made about Warner is his uber-religousness (screw you spell check, it's a word now). When he was in St. Louis, Warner regularly did commercials for local churches; or maybe it was a single local church, I'm not sure.

In any case, I wouldn't be surprised if the movie's message is something along the lines of "if you have faith in God, your dreams will come true." Bleh... theism gets on my nerves.