Futurism and Libertarianism (a blatant appeal for support)

There has long been a connection between libertarianism and futurism. Many people first encountered libertarian ideas in the work of Science Fiction authors like Robert Heinlein and L. Neil Smith. A general openness to rational analysis of the world, and pursuing ideas to their logical, if unpalatable ends, tends to lead people to both.

More pragmatically, new technology is perhaps the single most effective way to change a society. Birth control technology, for example, has had an enormous effect on sexual mores. For true privacy, we count on encryption, not legal protection. The internet has enabled small groups to collaborate as never before (plus made it far harder to censor pornography - or anything else). Ocean platforms are the best way to reform government.

So I think its important for libertarian causes that people be out there thinking about future uses of technology and defending its potential to positively change the world from those who are scared of it. Which is part of why I'm running for the board of Humanity+ (former the World Transhumanist Association), the foremost organization devoted to the use of technology to improve the human condition. If you're a member, please vote for me! If you aren't, consider joining - you must do so today (Sunday) to be eligible to vote.

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