Something is rotten in the state of Chihuahua

Holy Christ, there is something seriously wrong brewing in Mexico: Juarez Femicides Lawyer Murdered.

All lawyers involved in the defense of two Juarez bus drivers falsely accused of femicide have been executed; state police shot one in the head

Two unidentified gunmen executed Mario Escobedo Salazar and his son Edgar Escobedo Anaya, also a lawyer, in their Juarez office on Tuesday, January 6.

The double homicide comes nearly seven years after Chihuahua State Judicial Police killed Escobedo Salazar's other son, Mario Escobedo Anaya, during a chase. The police originally stated that Mario Escobedo Anaya died when his vehicle crashed during the chase. It was later revealed that he died of a gunshot wound to the head fired by state police.

Prior to Mario Escobedo Anaya's 2002 execution, he, his father, and a third lawyer, the late Sergio Dante Almaraz Mora, represented the two Juarez public transportation bus drivers accused of murdering eight women whose bodies were found dumped in an area of Juarez known as "the Cotton Field." Escobedo Salazar's recent execution means that the entire defense team is now dead; all were executed. One of the bus drivers also died under suspicious circumstances while in police custody.

The Mexican military and high-level government officials seem to be behind not only the drug trade and its violence, but also behind systematic miscarriages of justice. The Mexican people deserve better than that.

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The Mexican people deserve

The Mexican people deserve better than that.

Why? Do they not deserve exactly the government they create for themselves? As do we?

No. That's like saying the

No. That's like saying the American people decided to go to war in Iraq. Some American people decided to go to war in Iraq, namely some politicians decided so with some popular support. But not all of the American people decided so, unanimously, so it is incorrect to treat the collective as uniformly similar.

There is this great quote about the danger of anthropomorphizing the state or nation as if it is a single actor with singular motivations, but I cannot remember the author or enough specifics to Google it. Any help here, in-lookers?