Obama "a calculating manipulator of the first order"

While a bunch of wild-eyed "progressives" begin to see the first signs that Barack Obama is not quite what they'd hoped for, the brilliant Arthur Silber pulls no punches. I'll be interested to see how committed to ideals many of Obama's supporters are when it becomes clear that the new boss is pretty much the same as the old boss.

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Many will be surprised

Yes, many of his supporters are going to be surprised because even if he turns out not to be the "same as the old boss," he certainly won't be able to fulfill everything that people expect of him. The expectations for him are just so high, not to mention that his socialist policies will lead to the printing of more money and a weaker dollar, which will hurt American.


Arthur... the poor guy must be itching to crack on Obama. He couldn't wait a month.

"Same as the old boss" seems to be pretty much the norm with Presidents.

So, he's good with the abacus?