Barack the Magic Negro

A few quick points regarding the "Barack the Magic Negro" incident, recently upgraded to a kerfuffle:

1. The targets of the satire are Al Sharpton and a subset of white people, not Obama specifically nor black people generally.

2. The lyric borrows very heavily from this editorial in the LA times, written by a black man. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there's virtually no original material until the last part, which is pure mockery of Sharpton.

3. Magic Negro is in fact a fairly accurate description of the way many of Obama's white supporters view him.

4. Saltsman didn't send out a mix tape to which he specifically chose to add "Barack the Magic Negro." What he sent out was Paul Shanklin's latest album, We Hate the USA, in its entirety.

5. It's disappointing to see so many Republicans jumping on the dogpile. Disingenuously crying racism is the McCarthyism of the left, but I expect better (at least on this one issue) from Republicans.

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Why would you ever expect anything "better" from Republicans?

The media is on the

The media is on the hyper-sensitive anti-racist bandwagon, so it is easier to let one of your own be lynched unfairly than to fight a costly battle.