"I don't know what happened"

If you're a sports fan, I'm sure you've read about this story. But just in case:

A Carroll woman who was caught having sex in the men's room at an Iowa Hawkeye football game in Minneapolis last weekend says she’d had so much wine before kickoff that she doesn’t remember walking into the restroom, the man she had sex with in a stall, or when the police opened the door.

What Lois Feldman, 38, will remember is the humiliation afterward.

“It’s ruined my life,” she said through tears today. “Not just the incident but the press.”

Feldman, a married mother of three, has been the target of Internet jokes and prank telephone calls today. She was fired this morning from an assisted living center, where she had been an administrator.

Feldman said her husband, Kelly, has been supportive. She said he faults himself for not going with her when she left her seat to use the restroom before halftime.

“I don’t know what happened,” Lois Feldman said. “But I don’t deny that it did happen because obviously there are police reports.”

Police ticketed Feldman, 38, and Ross Walsh, 26, of Linden for indecent conduct Saturday night.

The poor husband blames himself for not accompanying her. Talk about awful game.

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Solid proof that some people

Solid proof that some people exist solely as a warning to others.

Rankings please!

We have doinker
We have doinkee
We have hubby

Someone rank these clowns in order of best to worst. You submit the criteria.

Obviously, we have the doinker taking 1st place here. Maybe he should start a blog and journal about how many married chicks he effs. The stories will stand as inspiration for losers everywhere. Let freedom ring!

The hubby. Oh poor hubby. I'd send you a box of chocolates for not coming in last here, but you know...

The doinkee. If I was the hubby, I'd be effing a pigs snout instead, but hey... it's his fault, so whatever.

The real losers here are the children. Imagine being raised by a couple of hero's.

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