Where da cabs be?

Third time now, going back from downtown Boston to Back Bay is nearly impossible at 2AM. Everyone is looking for a cab and there aren't enough cabs. Walk to the street and you'll see dozens of groups trying to hail the same cab. It's bitterly cold, windchill of 6 F, I might add. I had to wait 45 minutes and even that was augmented by some female companions in our group aiding in the hailing. You'd think that the market would rectify this quickly. Lots of money to be made in a big city late at night. But wait! Ain't no free market in transport!

Hokies won an ugly one earlier.

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Den yo city needs da cash

Den yo city needs da cash cab yo.

Aiding in the hailing is still failing!

I was very close to starting a business of driving people AND their cars home (as a side project). I had ideas to remedy the problems you point out (that is, if you were in a "profitable zone"). And guess what, you were.

I don't want to get into that here... but look at the bright side, at least you had a pair of hard nipples. Either on yo azz, or on a prospect!

Now das real.

Best comment ever.

Best comment ever.