Two pros in the Obama victory

Let's say two positive things about the Obama victory:

First, that means at least McCain lost.

Second, it is a pretty big deal for the U.S. to have a black president. Even though he's got nothing in common with the descendants of slaves who make up the supermajority of American blacks, it's symbolic, and race relations in the U.S. are far from resolved.

Reform, hope, change, whatever. The president, whoever that is, has no interest in too much change. That's up to us, as it always has been.

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Third Pro

A third pro is that I think many black kids do not apply themselves because the perceive rightly or wrongly that there is a glass ceiling in this country, so why expend the extra effort if they won't pay off.

Hopefully we'll see a change in attitude about "acting white" and things like schooling will become more valued in black subculture.

Another pro

The era of Jesse Jackson is definitively over.

Read that argument on

Read that argument on Reason. Best I've heard.

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Too lazy to search for myself.

Ask and ye shall receive

2. The election of an African-American will end liberal racism as we know it. If an overwhelmingly white nation chooses a black leader, the Jesse Jacksons and other Mau Mauers for identity-based group preferences will be put out of business, as I explained here.

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But perhaps most important to libertarians, his election will put the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, and the white identity politics liberals out of business. No longer will they be able to peddle victimology or mau-mau their way through the political landscape, demanding diversity training, minority contracts, or other tribal reparations from bigots they find behind every bush. The myth of unassimilable “minorities” dies when a majority white nation selects a leader “of color,” just as religious social distance was diminished when a majority Protestant country chose a Catholic a half-century before.

I am hoping that this marks

I am hoping that this marks the death of a certain annoying, yet influential, brand of leftist racial identity politics. All the "Racism and X" classes at university will be deserted. Sociology professors will stand in front of empty classrooms. They will be forced to do something more honorable for a living than theorize about how whites oppress blacks by their mere existence (The current leading theory: "oppression rays" emitted by white people on an undiscovered part of the EM spectrum. Asians have evolved an organelle to harness the rays for energy, like photosynthesis).

Obama's race was a positive throughout the whole election. White people in America have been indoctrinated to feel guilt for the actions of their melanoma-deprived forerunners from a young age. White Americans are always eager to do anything that makes them look not-racist, and nothing screams not-racist like an Obama yardsign! I suspect that those that voted against Obama still felt a deep twinge of guilt before marking their ballots. Heck, I am positive that there were people who thought McCain would be a better President, but voted for Obama because of his race.

For all the pixels that are spilled over race in America, I honestly think we are one of the most racially progressive nations in the world. We have a racist past but that has forced us to confront issues of race in a way that nobody else has. America is also an ethnic melting pot that makes people comfortable dealing with persons from other backgrounds and cultures. Nowhere else in the world does "racist" carry the connotation of "an absolutely evil and morally degenerate person". Nowhere else is it the worst insult you can give a person. In the Middle East, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa you won't be drummed out of public life because of an accusation of racism.

I never thought America was particularly racist, and this election confirms it. Hopefully, this lowers the frequency of conversations about racism and raises the frequency of conversations that matter.

Meanwhile, it is fun to watch the identity politics groups of the left start to tear each other apart. Apparently the gays just realized that though they support black civil rights, the feeling isn't mutual.

What is particularly funny is that if Obama hadn't been running and the black turnout weren't so high, gay marriage would have won in California last night. Apparently, people that previously voted for Kerry showed much higher levels of support for gay marriage than those that voted for Obama. That is what the left gets for emphasizing group welfare over universal rights and individualist ideals.

Maybe this is a chance to get the gay coalition behind Bob Barr in 2012. The motto: Freedom and Free Mustache Rides!

We'll work on it.