Doing something productive

I've accomplished a lot today, mostly at work. I performed various medical procedures, including one on a patient while toeing the line between too much anticoagulation putting her at risk for bleeding vs too little anticoagulation putting her at risk for forming blood clots from her various artificial heart valves. I communicated findings with referring docs and helped plan tomorrow's schedule. Tonight I'll go work out and hopefully get together with some friends. All those things were productive.

I didn't vote because that would be unproductive.

Taking Kyle's example, I offered people my vote for money.* One guy missed the point of the exercise and called me a "fucking moron" and a "whore". Good times, good times. Usually when I enthusiastically proclaim my political apathy, people tell me I'm throwing away my rights. A few people told me that their buddy/uncle/grandpa didn't fight in WWII/Nam/etc so that I could be so flippant about my sacred rights.

It's no surprise when people react angrily. Viciousness is a pretty common reaction. Luckily I intimidate most people so there's no chance of fisticuffs. The worst that happens is some internet tough guy curses me out.

I leave you with two things:

1) My post from Election day 2004. My views have changed some since then, but the overall message remains: Breaking Free of the Vicious Circle

2) A quote from WOPR**, who wisely proclaimed, "The only winning move is not to play".

* While Kyle offered $20, I started higher, believing myself to be at least a $50 trick. No takers. I moved down to $20. Still no takers. My fragile self-esteem is shot.

** Second only to to Mycroft Holmes on the sentient supercomputer coolness scale, but well above Hal.

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The Dangers of Apathy

I only got in one scrape today so far, with a receptionist, which is pretty good. I said it would take me too much effort to figure out who to vote for. She told me I didn't have to spend that much time, because they're all the same. I pointed out this didn't help her argument all that much. Then I asked if it would make her feel better if I found somebody who was going to vote the opposite way as me, and we both agreed to stay home today--that way my lack of voting is perfectly cancelled out. What is there to complain about?

Alas, this failed to satisfy. So consider:

In Belgium, voting is mandatory. That is to say, in Belgium, you do not have the right not to vote. But over here, in the good old United States of America, every man, woman, and child has the freedom not to vote. What a country! So step up, enjoy your non-Flemishness, and exercise your right--your right not to vote. As I'm doing.

My status message, "Micha is

My status message, "Micha is basking in the warm afterglow of abstention", has already ruffled a few feathers. I like it because of its incoherence with regard to causation and inaction, a fitting tribute electoral politics.

Three Cheers

My favorite quote came from Roissy:

If you wear an “I voted” sticker tomorrow, you are a status whore. And you can be bought cheap.

I thought about throwing that up as my status message, but this Facebook shit has spread beyond people I never spoke with in high school to folks at work friending me.

What's Wilder Than Being Widle?

I C E - C O L D !

Err... wait...

Wow, a whore? Over $20? What does that make folks that want other people to pay for their health care, college tuition and retirement? Yeah, the market value of doubling one's impact in, "the most important thing you can do," is no where near $50. Pointing this out to the extreme portion of the voter cult, especially when comparing it to how much a member of this cult may have spent on their watch or shoes, really sets them off.

Accepting direct payment for your vote is illegal, and I'd never really do it. But my guess is the market value is very, very close to $25.

Accepting direct payment for

Accepting direct payment for your vote is illegal

Wasn't the first or last law I broke today. As a matter of fact I am in the middle of breaking the law right now.


I just got a phone call from a DFL call center (polls are still open for an hour and a half here). I tried to get them to buy my vote and they got angry and hung up.