Pure Poison

Obviously, something had to be done to prevent people from using alcohol in the way that nature (or at least Neolithic Man) originally intended.

But what?

An even better question is this: how many years, or decades, or centuries would it take you or me or any other decent individual to come up with the solution that popped into their twisted minds almost immediately? Their solution? They'd poison the alcohol folks bought to cool their sick kids' bodies, so that if they drank it, they'd go blind.

They called it "denatured alcohol", and that's what should be on the Great Seal of the United States today, as a symbol and warning of what government is really all about: threatening people with injury or death if they fail to comply with the slightest whim of the mentally putrefying scumbags who run it. Today, the stuff is still poisoned, seven decades after Prohibition finally ended, to force you and me to pay religiously based discriminatory "sin" taxes on alcohol made for drinking.

Remember that you heard it here first: taxation is the root of all evil.


Powerful words from a great killer ape. I have read most of his books and essays, great stuff!

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Denatured Alcohol

Fascinating. I hadn't heard of denatured alcohol before. I did some additional research, and the history in the linked essay isn't quite right. Denatured alcohol actually predates Prohibition by quite a bit—it was invented in the mid-19th century in Europe as a tax-free alternative to pure ethanol for uses other than human consumption.

Too true that it existed

Too true that it existed before, but would you, or I have thought to use it on all alcohol in a nation where it was illegal, so as to prevent consumption of the illegal substance?

I think that was his point, not that we invented it for the case. Just that we used it as a poison for political reasons.

Which, much like torture, is a disgusting act in and of itself.


Who wrote the extremely famous phrase:

"A shark on whiskey is mighty risky. A shark on beer, is a beer engineer."

(I win Scheule.)