The End of Libertarianism

No not really, just another announcement of its end. Here is the announcement, and here is a rebuttal (which seems more than adquate).

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Well involuntarily, he's not

Well involuntarily, he's not entirely wrong. If enough people think like him, that will be a severe blow to libertarianism.

The party is dead.

Anyone who thinks libertarian ideals will ever be manifested through the state or democracy is sadly misinformed. The party is dead, and with it falls the dead fruit of statist reform.

Libertarianism as a party platform is dead. The media is trying to capture and run with that sentiment in their latest headlong push to a New Financial World Order, a phrase that is on the lips of every talking head and putty-brained collectivist zombie.

The ideals and great minds behind classical and modern libertarian thought still stand firm, they predicted this. Regulation and De-Regulation are merely statist power words, used to define the argument in terms that flatter the state. If those words alone can bring down the LP, good riddance.

In liberty,

Capitalism Not Dead

I read the article which provides no evidence that the the crisis had little to do with subprime mortgages nor that capitalism/libertarianism is dead. Numerous counterarguments could be sited. For one thing the investment banking sector of the economy is only four percent of the economy. Why does this justify regulating everything? Also see here and here