IP Freely

For those of you on the intellectual-property-is-an-artificial-construct-of-the-state side of things, Scribd has a whole ton of stuff available in PDF format.

It seems that a lot of these IP-sharing sites/programs/networks have a golden moment, just before the crackdown, when they grow big enough to attract lots of users that in turn provide a ton of content, but haven't just yet added the extra straw to the camel's back that draws the attention of the legal system.

You can, of course, make things more complex, so that your popularity never reaches the layperson. Needing a torrent client is enough to keep away most of the boomers. Scribd I'd wager, with its convenient web interface, will be short lived, at least in its current format. I wouldn't anticipate my late-50s father having any problem searching for and downloading copywrited works on Scribd.

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