The new servant class but to ignorant to realize it.

Prior to WW2 maybe 15% of North Americans were middle class. The middle class consisted of doctors, lawyers, small business owners, business managers, engineers . . . and still does. Prior to WW2 the middle class had live-in servants. For example, read the best selling book, "Cheaper By The Dozen." The father of the family, as I recall, was a time and study man, no rocket scientist, and they had servants. Half the people who came through Ellis Island - which is half our relatives - went into "service," became servants.

80% of North Americans prior to WW2 were the working class, the working poor, and still are. Why do most of the people in the working class - the servant class - think they are middle class? Because the politicians tell us we are middle class? Which of this years candidates has addressed a speech to the working class?

Now days Americans have bought into the "anyone can grow up to be president" line of baloney. The "I can be rich" line of baloney. The vast majority of Americans think they are smarter than average. No one thinks of himself as working class except our recent immigrants.

Is it because now days a young person needs two years of junior college to get a high school education? Fifty years ago a kid went to a community college ne junior college because he couldn't afford a real college or didn't have the grades for a real college. These days a kid goes to a community college to learn high school basics and "graduates," thinking that he is a college graduate?

The harm in this, besides the waste of time and money? College graduates deserve to become rich. College graduates don't need a labor union. College graduates - except apparently teachers - are to smart to join a union. Those people who came through Ellis Island, there was two things they knew: they were working class and they needed the protection of a labor union.

What happens when 80% of Americans complete high school and 80% of them are junior college "graduates? Then a garbage truck driver will need a high school diploma, maybe even 2 years of junior college, but the job title will be "Recycle Specialist," not "garbage truck driver." 80% of all Americans will still be the working poor.

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Change the Name so We Can Make Progress

A couple of miscellaneous observations. Even rich people don’t have as many servants as they used to. I read “The Season” a book about Palm Beach FL. They used to have 20 servants per household but now only four or five. A billion dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to and there are more labor saving devices and ways of outsourcing things nowadays.
Bureaucrats keep changing the names of jobs in order to make them sound more important and to give said bureaucrats something to do. This is analogous to civil rights activists showing their power and wisdom by getting the names of streets changed to Martin Luther King Blvd. This serves the unintended consequence of helping white travelers avoid making motel reservations in the wrong part of town.

I work in a hospital and here is how it goes.
Now: Chief Executive Officer- - Then: Administrator.
Now: Chief Operating Officer—Then: Assistant Administrator
Now: Chief Financial Officer- Then: Comptroller
Now: Chief Nursing Officer--Then: Head Nurse.
Now: Medical Care Technician – Then: Orderly.
Now: Department of Human Resources—Then: Personnel.
Now: Surgical Care Center—Then: Operating Room
Now: Diagnostic Imaging Center---Then: X-Ray.
Now: Nutritional Care Center—Then: Food Service.
Now: Department of Environment and Medical Disposal —Then : Janitor.
Now: Emergency Care Center—Then: Emergency Room
Now: The Lab --Then: The Lab.
I’m in the lab. We can’t come up with anything fancy. I was thinking “Blood Extraction and Medico/Diagnostic Testing Facility” but that one got nowhere.
The changes in the names of things only got more pay for the first three people on the list.

I don’t know what industry you work in, but I think your observations are accurate.

Work? Perish the thought!

Work? Perish the thought! Retired since 1996. I put in 30 years with the Seattle Police Department back when being a cop was fun.

Beating up hippies was fun!

Was this a pro union rant? Was it a cautionary tale?


Yes, a pro union rant<G>

My Libertarian and right wing friends almost universally think that if the unions and government would go away that they would all be rich. Who they kidding? They are in the sub set of 80% of all Americans who think they have above average abilities?

I don't think the form of one's economic determines one's place on the food chain. I think the form of one's economic system can shorten the distance between the top and bottom rungs. I can't think of a more polite way to put it.

It was the labor unions that boosted the working class into middle class but the unions got to snotty for their own good, forgetting where they started. The Service Industries Employees (SIEU) seems to be getting back to basics.

As a retired police officer, I know that my working conditions and pension would be much, much worse without a union. The $20 bucks or so dues were well worth the benefit.

Unions have for the most

Unions have for the most part of their history relied on bullying, coercion and corruption. Defending unions is deeply unethical.

The employers don't bully?

Unions don't HAVE to be corrupt. The Seattle Police Officers Guild was not/is not corrupt and I am happy to have worked under their contract for 30 years.

The employers don't bully If

The employers don't bully

If they do they should go to jail, juste like the unions. Where did you ever get the idea that two wrong make a right, you keep making similar statements.

Your union was formed to use the protection of laws which prevent employer from discriminating against it. It's very evil.

You sure

No turning a blind eye to pension padding via seniority overtime?

The problem is that our

The problem is that our educational system is geared towards white collar and blue collar employment careers when students graduate (if they graduate at all). But to say that an ordinary person cannot aspire to be great (and not just remain "middle class") is simply uncalled for.