My own understanding of words

This captures how I feel much of the time:

There are so many things wrong with the entire statement that I’m about to go all fetal-position and question my own understanding of words.

Here's the particular context, but it doesn't really matter.

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Bias on TV

I was recently traveling through some airports and you always get to see CNN between flights. They have these little red icons below the main screen. When McCain was getting his sound bytes in, the red Icon was flashing “Dow down 900” When Palin was getting coverage of her speech the sign said “Talking Points.” I also saw Keith Olbermann ( My spell check suggests Doberman) and the guy was almost psychotic. This man should be muzzled and put in a strait jacket. He is really helping McCain. He validates my contempt for the left wing press.

I was watching Obama deliver a speech today on FOX. They had a red icon just like CNN. It gave the substance of his points in real time shortly after he delivered them. It would occasionally flash “fair and balanced” in small letters to the right of the running quotations. I don’t see how anyone could deny that it was very flattering coverage. The guy at Time is entirely full o' bull.

This also illustrates how I

This also illustrates how I feel quite often, and oh boy do I have one for you.

Former French minister of employment, Martine Aubry, remedy to the financial crisis:

Je propose la suppression des stock-options pour les dirigeants, pour que jamais personne ne prenne une décision dans son entreprise en fonction de ses intérêts propres.

My sloppy translation

I suggest to ban stock options for executives, so that no one ever makes a decision in his company based on his own interest.

I sent it to a microeconomist who studies executive compensation for the pure sake of making a grown man cry.

Stuff we do to stay sane

Since the topic is that the insanity makes me feel like I'm losing my own mind, this MR topic seems apropos:

What do you do to stay sane? Here's a project asking people to list five things they do to stay sane.

Lots of answers, some of them worth trying. A lot of repetitions - probably because they work. "Exercise." I know it works (because occasionally events conspire to give me exercise) but come on. That's about as likely to happen as "eat well" or "don't spend too much time on the Internet."