Statist talking heads change allegiance like underwear

The blue-pill folks are fighting again, this time over Christopher Buckley backing Obama. Turns out he recently left The National Review because the amount of nasty-grams in his inbox regarding this recent flap.

Christopher Buckley calls himself a libertarian, I think he got confused, he meant to say libertine. Much like his father, he cannot tell the two apart. Apparently he has no soul and only wished to be on the "good list" when ordering up some Obama administration White House press credentials. Hedging his bets for what he finds to be a distasteful inevitable; an Obama presidency.

In a Daily Beast article, Buckley pushes the conservative case for Obama. As with other recent converts to the Obama camp, this just goes to show that the modern left vs. right paradigm is a completely false dichotomy. As Morpheus would say, "Freedom is the illusion of choice."

Richard K. Moore lays out his case for this Matrix metaphor in a Summer 2000 article for Whole Earth Review, Escaping the Matrix. Other than a couple of Zaxlebax problems (his definition of capitalism, etc), I find it a good read.

And finally, the Daily Inquisition team at The Exile bashes Buckley somethin' fierce.

From the Exile

Buckley sums it up jauntily... “We are all in this together.” So Buckley is joining us, the little people, down here in the wreckage. There goes the neighborhood!

I may not personally fall victim to party politics because I don't vote, but I do love it when they tear each other to tender little ribbons with such rabid vigor. A chiffonade of state propaganda elitists fighting over the table scraps of power and influence, how fun!

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This disgusts me

I, for one, am true to my underwear and have been for years.

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