What's the Plan?!?

No, not for the economy. For Halloween. If you're a woman my age, I'm already assuming you'll use the night as an excuse to run around public in lingerie, which is great (and if not, feel free to correct me in the comments, and more power to you, not that I object to lots of women my age running around public in lingerie). But what about us dudes?

The worst advice I've seen comes from a Yahoo! food blog:

Yul Brynner From The Magnificent Seven
Yul was Cool. And never more so than as Chris Adams in this classic western. Get yourself some cowboy gear from a local vintage store or try Goodwill for great deals. Go all black, from hat to boots. And don a dose of fierce attitude.

At first I thought, that's not a bad idea. A western remake of a Kurosawa classic that held its own and came from a time when Charles Bronson wasn't so much a punchline (althought the last 20 minutes of Death Wish III are the pinacle of sensless action movies) sounds like a great source for a costume.

If I was going to do it right, I'd have to get a bald head covering (I'm not going to shave my head just for a Halloween costume). Then, I realized, that if I was decked out with a smooth dome, in boots and matching hat, and sporting a fierce attitude, I'd probably send the wrong message to all those girls in lingerie, err... costumes.

Anyone have any good ideas? I live in Minnesota, so I doubt I'm going to run into any of you and ruin your great costume idea by being your duplicate.

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Two words: Karate Kid.



What the shit? Am I forgetting an important shower scene from The Karate Kid? That must be a memory I've wisely repressed.

Shower Scene?

You have wronged human kind with your mockery, to speak nothing of this website.

The scene that has fallen into question is not a "shower scene," but is rather... a Halloween scene. The link provided is simply a good replica of the "costume" used in the movie.

The eff if I remember which "Karate Kid" movie. They are - in a word - atrocious.

Both of you should be flogged

The Halloween seen from KK is classic. And KK1 and KK2 are classic movies. Elizabeth Shue never looked better. To make honey, young bee need young flower, not old prune.

I've always wanted to dress up in a Cobra Kai skeleton costume, but this year, I'm probably going to be Hancock.

You're Right

About Shue, although I remember her looking really good in The Saint, maybe?

But those movies are horrid.

I'm with Jonathan

I'm with Jonathan on this one - the Karate Kid movies hold up really well, if you don't mind 80's nostalgia. As a coming-of-age movie aimed at 10-year-old boys, with surprisingly good life advice, they accomplish what they set out to accomplish, which is all you can really ask of a movie. I just caught the second one on AMC a few weeks ago and was totally impressed.

She looked great in The

She looked great in The Saint, but giving up virtually unlimited wealth from domination of the world energy market to be with Val Kilmer? Bad call.


What vile act of suggestion would claim E. Shue has never looked better than she did in the movie Karate Kid? You obviously have not robbed my safe yet. Furthermore, three movies come to mind (besides our joint efforts):

1. Adventures in Babysitting, and;
2. Cocktail, and;
3. Leaving Las Vegas

The only thing you Karate Kid apologists have done is weaken a country with this foul rhetoric!

In all seriousness, Karate Kid is barely hugging the boundaries of being good IMHO. However, we are treading on purely subjective territory, and as such, I respect your opinion but do not share it.

*commence flogging*

Halloween is gonna suck this

Halloween is gonna suck this year


My Jonathan Wilde costume will be ready as soon as I find a matching pair of chaps.

Halloween plans

I'm volunteering at the Grenville Baker Boys & Girls Club in to help out with the annual halloween show. I created a giant puppet for the show last year. It's essentially a giant monster worm mouth that hides on the ceiling and attacks passersby from above. The mouth is six foot in diameter with eight inch glow in the dark teeth. It is operated remotely by cables from my "lab".

It's lair has glow in the dark stagamites, radioactive water in bottles. etc. lit by black lights. It's right next to my mad scientist laboratory which has a living detached hand inside and aquarium, time fountain, and theramin for scary sounds.

Can't we see some pictures !

Can't we see some pictures !

Don't have any

I was too busy setting up for the three days to take my own pictures. I'll try to take pics this year.

You can be GIR from Invader Zim

You can be GIR from Invader Zim. In case you thought "But I'm a guy", well take another look.