Instapunk on Obama good parts version.

Obama's following approaches cult status. He is the kind of political figure who can do absolutely everything wrong, fail at every task to which he puts his hand, and still retain the devotion of those who have projected onto him their wildest utopian fantasies. [...] Obama is a symbol. [...] The optimistic right fears him too little. So does the pessimistic right.


Obama is a one-man Trojan Horse, an apparent peace offering filled with implacable instruments of vengeance. Nothing could be clearer than that the Democrats and all their allies hate their Republican and conservative opposition. They will not be content with electoral victory. They need annihilation. [...] After Bush, they were no longer interested in governing. They wanted revenge.


His major acts as an independent adult were to form alliances with a racist black nationalist preacher tied to Louis Ferrakhan, join the inveterately corrupt Chicago Democratic political machine, intimidate his electoral opponents into quitting the race before election day, ally himself with a radical sixties political terrorist for the purpose of funnelling money to 1) educational programs designed to radicalize minority students and 2) a renegade national organization in the business of promoting minority voter fraud and minority access to fraudulent mortgage contracts.


His internet-based campaign finance "bundling" operation has devised ways of receiving foreign moneys, even from places like Iran, which cannot be called to account. He has succeeded in demonizing all who question his negligible qualifications and dubious political partners as racists. He has been ruthless in using left-wing tactics to suppress and/or libel specific accusers and accusations, including mass phone and email attacks undertaken by his own campaign managers -- and ambiguously sponsored groups whose more extreme statements can be disavowed if necessary.


So the man who has, apparently, convinced a majority of us that he is the only one capable of bringing us all together is, in reality, the one who has the best possible training in eliminating all his -- and his sponsors' -- political enemies. He will have the full support of a veto-proof Congress as he sets about the task of denying free speech (on "hate" grounds) to his enemies [...]


No wonder high-profile conservatives are scrambling for cover. It won't be pretty when the Obama DOJ starts investigating Sarah Palin for malfeasance in office as Governor of Alaska.


Four years of this will not be undone by any congressional electoral rebellion. Pbama's legacy will make Carter's look like the first attempts of an amateur graffiti vandal.

Apocalyptic stuff. We will almost certainly get the opportunity to see how well this prediction pans out.

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There's an upside to Obama,

There's an upside to Obama, he will put Jesse Jackson out of business. That alone is priceless :)

Obama worries me. If the

Obama worries me. If the economy turns south, he could end up playing FDR to Bush's Hoover. We can ill-afford a second FDR.

It astonishes me that most

It astonishes me that most people correctly point out at Fannie Mae as being one root of the crisis, yet seem to wait for the second coming of Roosevelt to bring a New New Deal. I think it has being banged on the head of schoolchildren so much that it now is an indisputable truth that FDR saved the US from the great recession. The Republicans are not even using this, which shows the cult figure FDR enjoys.

Some supporting links

Via Instapundit today, some pertinent links:

Obama's following approaches cult status.

He has been ruthless in using left-wing tactics to suppress and/or libel specific accusers and accusations

Vote dread Cthulhu

If McCain is elected, we get a democrat light in office, who proceeds to join with his "opponents" in blaming everything that goes wrong on the republicans - just like he is doing right now.

If Obama is elected, we get the Democrat nutroots in power, and for decades afterwards, people will say, "that is what democrats are"


Cthulhu for President. Why vote for a lesser evil?

Certainly Obama is a major threat to the first amendment, but they call it McCain Feingold, not Obama Feingold. If you are worried about the Patriot Act being applied to "internal terrorist threats", such as people so inordinately racist as to oppose the application of Sharia law, you should vote anybody but McCain.


for decades afterwards, people will say, "that is what democrats are"

Presidents who do the greatest evil to the people of the country seem to be among the ones held in highest regard. For example, FDR is still held in high regard by many. So if Obama meets or exceeds my worst fears, that will not necessarily be bad publicity for the Democrats.

Stop reading my mind! Yes

Stop reading my mind!

Yes Obama has the cards to be the next FDR. He will brew a new new deal to answer the crisis, will expand healthcare insurance, restrict immigration, etc. And yet he will be remembered as a hero, the first black American president, yada, yada.

My top three worst US presidents are Lincoln, FDR and Wilson, and they also are almost untouchable in the mind of Americans (Wilson less so). They do have a common characteristic - apart from being evil - they all won a war. I think it explains a lot of the popularity. True, FDR is mostly associated to the New Deal, but I think he wouldn't be that popular without WWII.

That's a positive point. If there is no war, Obama might be forgotten.


"If you are worried about the Patriot Act being applied to "internal terrorist threats", such as people so inordinately racist as to oppose the application of Sharia law, you should vote anybody but McCain."

Huh? You lost me there?


I'm happy to see that you guys are having a good time with your we know more than ayonne else session, congrats! It is apparent that your wisdom led you to vote for the current administration not once, but two times. Also, on this same and other blogs I have read the insinuations that the only reason that ayonne would vote for Barack Obama is because of his skin color. If that is true, then the opposite must also be true that the only reason some may vote for John McCain is relative to his skin color. Also, you are avoiding the obvious. McCain chose his running mate primarily in an attempt to 1) attract the female supporters of Hillary Clinton, 2) to take advantage of the hormones of males (obviously it is working on all of you). Honesty, ask yourself what was more important to McCain winning, or choosing a solid running mate. In addition, as a retired Navy and combat veteran like McCain. Well not quite I was on the ground with the Marines. It is disturbing to me how much he seems to relish the thought of our troops at war. My hat (cover) goes off to him for what he endured as a POW, but it is obvious that he is still attempting to get some payback. Many Americans are unconcerned with the wars we are fighting and justify this by saying to themselves that the current troops are volunteers. However, if you have friends or loved ones in Iraq or Afghanistan and understand that more than 4,000 troops have died. While the lives of untold thousands have been shattered and will never be the same due to missing body parts and unstable minds (the powers that be don't even want you to know the numbers). But, I know, they volunteered. McCain wants our troops to stay in Iraq for 100 years and he is already at war with Iran. If Sarah Palin is really tough on corruption then she is the right person for McCain. McCain was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, both his father and grandfather were Admirals. Is there any doubt how he got into the Naval Academy. Nevertheless, he graduated at the bottom of his class. Later, as the C O of a training command it was well known that he dated his current wife, while still married to his first. Normally that would be punishable under the UCMJ. Instead, he was awarded a position as a political liaison in order to pave his way into politics, when it became apparent that he could not achieve what his fore fathers had despite his last name. McCain was reprimanded as one of the Keating Five, was instrumental in appropriating land to a real estate developer which his wife and her father profited. He was also a central figure in awarding a current billion dollar military contract to a French (our good buddies) company, rather than an American bidder. He utilizes his wife's wealth and corporate jet while she refuses to release her tax documents (yeah he's a reformer). Probably not her fault though, she may have been high on the pain medication she was stealing. Anyway, they're both just people and neither is perfect, vote for who you want, I'm just venting. Even though I plan to vote for Barack Obama, on a certain level I would like to see McCain win the election. Why? Because the country is in bad shape, its going to take more than 4 years and 1 person to get things going in the right direction. No matter who is elected it is quite possible that they will be seen as one of the most ineffective presidents ever, through no fault of their own. As for me I have 2 kids and I'm keeping them as far away from the military as I can, you would be wise to do the same if McCain is elected. McCain believes we're wiinning the war, there are no winners, only losers in war. The families and friends of the dead and wounded know that, he should too!

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