Rampaging Free-Market Anarchists On Wall Street

Joe Klein, in this week's TIME, writes:

The desire for more government activism is true across the board. All of a sudden, government-provided infrastructure programs — and that's what most of McCain's despised "earmarks" are — don't sound like such a waste of money, especially if they are married to alternative energy sources and conservation (which is why Obama talks constantly about "retrofitting" buildings to conserve energy). All of a sudden, boring bureaucracies like the Securities and Exchange Commission, which have been undermined and underfunded by Republicans, become a crucial bulwark against the rampaging free-market anarchists on Wall Street. This is, as Obama says, a fundamental change — but not a radical one. It is a modulation, a move to preserve the free market by controlling its excesses.

Where are all these rampaging free-market anarchists on Wall Street? Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

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I know a few :)

I know a few :)

That's a laugh. If the

That's a laugh. If the commentators on the financial programs today are any indication, it's much less free-market anarchists of any stripe and more: "God help you if you don't continue surrendering to us, your exalted yet embattled ruling class."