I don't wish to spread alarm on the line people but the big issue confronting the market is I'm afraid the health and sustainability of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. It is unimaginable that they can be allowed to go, I suspect that they will be nationalized at some point today or over the weekend.

-- Hugh Hendry, Partner and CIO at Eclectica, on CNBC

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They won't go down, for

They won't go down, for sure. So yes, if it doesn't get better they will most definitely be nationalized... or whatever arrangement, but the government will pay.

Government never pays for

Government never pays for anything.

Only the victims of the state pay. Speaking of victims, is this really newsworthy? More FUD from the MSM without so much as a single snippet of commentary in the OP. News is good, but why should I care about the CIO of Eclectica? or further nationalization of an embattled sector in the tetrahedron of statist plutocracy?