Nick Thune

Today's delightful discovery is Nick Thune, stand-up comic and coffee house singer-songwriter parodist. If you like Jonathan Coulton and xkcd, you will definitely enjoy Thune.

Here is his masterpiece, Missed Connections:

Also see: Instant Messenger ("If you're laughing out loud while talking to someone on the Internet, you have to tell them") and Two Birds, One Stone ("When in history was there an abundance of birds and a shortage of stones?"). That last one is chock full of economic insights.

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I Get the Vibe

That this guy is going to be Dane Cook painful, very soon. But in full disclosure, I cringe whenever a stand-up comic reaches for a guitar.

Sorry I don't get it

I think I'm to old for this stuff because I didn't laugh, smile or even snigger.But I am English and maybe our humor just isn't the same as I don't ever remember any English guys going down a storm in the USA and lets face it we don't have anyone stand up wise from USA who can hold a UK audience for more than 7 mins.

We do however love your sitcom's cos they tell us when to laugh with the canned section.

Funny really I can't buy that stuff at our local superstore?

All the breast