Figure this one out

A few days ago, bailout failed, market tanked 400 points. We were perplexed. Today, bailout passes, market drops 450 points. Explain that, bitches.

My tentative conjecture subject to future revision should more data arise: we're all fucked!

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I have no good explanation

I have no good explanation for this... market was up in the morning... the bailout pass as expected, and... blam. Ok here's a lame explanation :

Market participants were expecting strong buying from large actors when the bill would pass, therefore they bought speculatively in the morning. When the bill passed and the buying failed to materialize, they dumped their positions.

Then I should be buying gold

Then I should be buying gold again ?

I think the moves in gold

I think the moves in gold are largely irrelevant at this time. I am buying gold as a deep out of the money call option on shit. As such, it should be relatively insensitive to shit for the time being.

Figure this

1) Why shouldn't they go down? During the boom phase of the monetary expansion stocks went up good or bad news. So now during a contraction they are going to go down good or bad news.

2) Everyone was expecting a recession. Some were holding out for this bill to be some magic rabbit pulled out of congresses ass. When they saw what ass really produces, well ... -450.

3) These things fluctuate.

4) Those were not truly opposite events
4a) The two page bailout failed so of course a 400 point drop.
4b) The two hundred page bailout succeeded so of course 450 point drop.
4c) Based on the above I propose that they develop a two thousand page bailout plan and then vote it down. That should cause a rise in the Dow of around 4500 points.

Figure this one out

My figuring is that the market is going to do what the market is going to do regardless of legislation.