Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day from The Seasteading Institute!

Pirates, democracy, and seasteading, presented by yer very own Captain Patri:

The seastead blog post has some pirate links for ye as well.

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Wow, this is awesome. Do you

Wow, this is awesome. Do you have a text transcript posted anywhere?

I like how you have a leather whip handy for demonstration.


Embarassingly, I had to borrow the whip :).

Here's a text transcript that is close to what I read:

Arr, me hearties! The crew of scurrilous (but scurvy-free) scalliwags here at The Seasteading Institute be wishing you a happy Talk Like A Pirate Day. Lest ye think we be hijackin' this proud tradition far off its routes merely to plunder it, let me remind ye that pirates were were experimentin' with a crazy new form of gummint called democracy before yer vaunted U S of A had yet fought free from it's oppressors.

Many pirates were makin' their own way on the high seas to get away from class systems and authority, and so they were passionately democratic, refusin' to be subject to the dictatorial whims of a capn, however fearsome he might be. 'Stead o' rulin' by fear, pirate capns were elected, and could be deposed by popular vote at any time. The crew was ruled, not by the boot or by the lash, but by the "ship's articles" - a sort o' social contract or constitution.

'Tis in this proud piratical tradition of buccaneers buckin' the norms of society and remakin' them to be fairer that we here at The C-steading institute be laborin'. 'tis this part o' the piratical spirit - pioneering, not plundering - that we be lookin' to call out in all o' ye.

For haven't we suffered enough at the hands of those plundering politicians who pilfer from our hard-won spoils? We swab the decks while they debase our currency, turnin' good doubloons into mere paper, and then hornswagglin us out that paper to bail out rotten enterprises that 'twould be better sent to Davy Jones. Send 'em all to a hempen halter, I' say - Tis' time to polish our cutlasses, hoist sails and take to the seas for freedom.

So fill yer' Black Jack w/ rum 'n tea, kick yer D-S-L if it not be makin' headway, and read our fine selection of links - if ye can read, that is.

It's probably great... ...

It's probably great...
... but I definitely need subtitles.