Secret Anti-Family Values Microsoft Agenda

The spellcheck in Outlook changes blonde to blond. After consulting a dictionary, I've learned that even in English the extra e can convey gender information. This means an e-mail I recently sent about a past night out on the town may read much differently than I had intended. I wonder if the version of Outlook I used has some sort of Google Chrome mindmeld technology. If Scott Scheule is, infact, fair haired, I would appreciate it if Microsoft would stay out of my subconscious.

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A few years ago, the French

A few years ago, the French version of Microsoft Word would insist on replacing "anti-stress" (anti-stress) with "anti-arabes" (anti-Arabs). Yes, they were sued for this.

In the same vein, I'll be

In the same vein, I'll be suing Kyle shortly.