TAUTOLOGIES are somewhat humorous.

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Of course

This is just verbal humor that takes advantage of the practice of minimizing the length of titles. Most readers will immediately understand the title to mean, "Diana remained alive for hours after the accident." You might argue that the title is redundant and could be reduced to either:

Diana was still alive for hours


It was hours before Diana died

There are problems with each of these. The first one fails to acknowledge that she ultimately died, so shades into Elvis territory. The second is in a way off-topic, since the subject of the story isn't that she died, but that she was alive for hours.

This is just verbal humor

This is just verbal humor that takes advantage of the practice of minimizing the length of titles.

Yes, that is "just" what it is. Thank you for explaining it. We are all wiser for the experience.

Not a tautology

So then you agree that it's not actually a tautology. If you don't agree, then you didn't get what I was saying.

Girl: "I remember"

Butthead: "He he he. She said 'member'. He he he."

If you look at it the right way, there it is: the word member. And yet, it's not really what was said. Similarly here. That's verbal humor.

Okay that was hilarious!

yeah some people don't know how to think sometimes lol

Not a real headline

That's a joke article, I think it's from the British satirical magazine Private Eye. "Exclusive to all newspapers" is a bit of a giveaway.

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