The Worst Sort Of Elitism

Steve Horwitz has some powerful things to say to Wal-Mart's critics:

Let me also suggest that my colleagues and students here at SLU who find Wal-Mart to be so troublesome may well be trapped in the very same “SLU Bubble” of complacency and elitism that they imagine themselves to be breaking out of....It's easy for us as the well-off minority to worry about protecting that “small-town” feel, or being concerned with every little bit of environmental impact or the aesthetics of big-box retailers (or just how much they offer in benefits). But to allow the concerns that wealth can afford to overshadow the real basic needs of the rest of our community is to live in a bubble, and it comes across to our fellow citizens as the worst sort of elitism.

The same sentiments could be said of much of the organic and "eat local" movements as well. Economic progressives are not entitled to claim concern for the poor while at the same time making their lives significantly more difficult. Pick one.

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