That IOZ Certainly Has A Way With Words

On the one hand, I know that Francis Fukuyama's "end of history" had something to do with Hegel or some shit, and it wasn't supposed to signify the literal conclusion of the accumulation of events or the cessation of the forward movement of time as perceived by human consciousness, but nonetheless I axe you: was ever so infelicitous a phrase so woefully misapplied? I mean, the guy got Hegel as interpreted by Strauss by way of that gloriously reactionary faggot, Allan Bloom, which is really the intellectual equivalent of putting a Cum Dump sign outside of one's private room at the bathhouse. You're certain to catch something, and whatever it is, it's not going to be good. Liberal Democracy has triumphed! Except where it hasn't! And when it hasn't! And it may decline again! But it's still triumphed! Also, something about genetic engineering.

Read the whole thing. Also, every other IOZ post contains a Lebowski reference, which is appreciated.

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