Is around-the-clock election coverage every four years really better than presidents-for-life?

If there is a merciful god (I'm not holding my breath) it will end the Democratic Party convention early so that Reason can stop vomiting political nonsense in my rss reader when there are for more important and interesting things for them to be writing about.

I'm only saying this because Reason is my most beloved magazine (and companion website). Many other magazines/websites are always full of hot air, but Reason isn't; that's why this week has been painful.

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It really has been an

It really has been an insanely long election season, hasn't it? I try my hardest to avoid political coverage, and I'm completely exhausted by this whole thing. On the plus side, I can't see how the campaign season could possibly get much longer . . .

On the plus-side, the Daily

On the plus-side, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have been especially good lately.