"Failures of a system shouldn't be taken as evidence in its favor"

So writes Bob Murphy:

That's funny--it made me chuckle--but does everyone see that it proves my point? This is so typical when a libertarian calls for something to be privatized. People point to outrageous things that happen under State monopoly, as evidence of why the State needs the monopoly.

For example, Paulina Borsook ridiculed the idea of abolishing food safety inspectors, and her argument was that people in fast food restaurants had gotten sick the month before she wrote her op ed. See? The government needs to protect us from bad food, because people got sick under the government's protection.

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That's called an argument for reform.

An instance of of failure is also not evidence of systematic failure, especially with something as complex as a government or economy. It's like saying that one instance of market failure proves socialism.