Some Random Thoughts.

Tropic Thunder is too high brow for my tastes.

There is a Korean BBQ restaurant in Lancaster, CA that is pretty darn good.

Do not fund interesting aerospace projects through a controversial government program. Like say SDIO ("Star Wars") in the early 90's. Delta Clipper Experimental first flew 15 years ago, and demonstrated that a streamlined, low budget aerospace project could yield interesting results.

I'm officially old as of the 24th, though I really don't feel any older. I'm still going to be an astronaut when I grow up.

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Tropic Thunder is too high

Tropic Thunder is too high brow for my tastes.

Not enough retard jokes?

Don't you think the PC

Don't you think the PC brigade attacks were seriously retarded?

I for one loved the movie.

I was really surprised about

I was really surprised about the retard thing. That it was controversial, I mean. Haven't the Farrelly brothers been doing this shtick for years now, without much fanfare?

There was a notice posted at the box office essentially apologizing to the disabled community for offending them. I was expecting some criticism for the Robert Downy Jr. blackface thing, but for some reason I thought that retard jokes have long been fair game.

Not that I use the term in my own everyday life. It just sounds juvenile, like calling something you don't like or that annoys you "gay." It's like, really? Are we 12?

Korean BBQ

After sampling multiple restaurants in several cities I've never found Korean BBQ that wasn't good.