Todd Seavey writes:

I can’t help noticing an odd irony in the stated political affiliation of the woman wearing a Catwoman costume (at a comics convention) in this great video noted by The faux-Catwoman in the video proclaims herself a libertarian — and thus presumably a strict adherent of property rights (as we all should be), yet Catwoman is the DC Universe’s most notorious thief (as I was reminded Friday when I paid a brief visit to the Paley Center for Media, formerly known as the Museum of Television and Radio, with Jamie Foehl and her boyfriend, and stayed to watch the Adam West Batman two-parter in which Catwoman would rather fall to her doom than relinquish stolen pirate treasure).

This reminds me of my idea for a tension-filled psycho-political thriller: a libertarian wracked by kleptomania. It’d be sort of like the libertarian version of a religious conservative crazed by lust or, more commonly, a socialist shopaholic.

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Some people would say :

Some people would say : "steal" from government employees, problem solved.

Catwoman more libertarian than libertarians

Catwoman presumably advocates only her own enrichment, while non-anarchist libertarians by implication advocate a level of taxation sufficient to run the imagined minimal state. I estimate that Catwoman would end up taking much less than a minimal state would take. This makes Catwoman more libertarian than libertarians who are not anarchists.

I would be an anarchist...

I would be an anarchist, but, frankly, I like money too much.

She hasn't listened to the same series of lectures (particularly Reisman's lecture on how money arises spontaneously) that I've been enjoying. I'm repeating the lecture to my sons as their homeschool Intro to Economics.

I give the series another plug here.